OstinatO: Let's Anonymously Control One Another’s Sex Toys

Project development Mon 5 , 2015 0 Comments

We pleasure ourselves when feel alone or need physical release. Why not together anonymity, playful gaming and a vibrant network of erotic seekers and let them find each other online to fulfill their fantasies? Using the innovations made possible by digital technology, IM, and gaming, a high-tech startup, Unknown Desire Inc., is about to launch a platform....

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Win your Free OSTINATO!

Members share Wed 27 , 2015 0 Comments

Most of us have erotic adventures of various kinds to share--from losing our virginity on the night of the senior prom to meeting a stranger on an airplane and seeing them again at a hotel where we were both staying although neither of us knew this would happen. Perhaps a meeting did take place but what followed was a fantasy. Now share your untold story and win a FREE OSTINA....

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[Video]Introducing OSTINATO

Project development Thu 14 , 2015 4 Comments

OSTINATO is a interactive pleasure platform including sex toy and mobile application. We named our masturbator/vibrator Mr.HE and Mrs.SHE. Mrs.SHE is a male masturbation cup and Mr.HE is female vibrator. The devices included motion/pressure sensors and motors which generates vibration. Users control the devices through our free mobile app. The app paired different users in the right mood on Intern....

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Hardware Details

Project development Thu 14 , 2015 0 Comments

Female vibrator: "Mr. HE" Masturbation cup: "Ms. SHE" ....

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Project development Thu 14 , 2015 3 Comments

Self-pleasure is quick way to address a physical need. However, in most cases, sex toys or pornography cannot meet the need for human communication and social interaction. Self-pleasure implies loneliness. We started working on OSTINATO to reinvent the “rules” of a very old game. What could we do to offer people a new method of erotic play that would more fully meet our needs, physically,....

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